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Full Web App JSF – EJB – Hibernate Tutorial

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Full Web App JSF – EJB – Hibernate Tutorial

Tutorial Web Application untuk JSF – EJB – Hibernate

  • JSF 2.0 Mojarra – With ManagedBeans as RequestScope and SessionScope.
  • Message Internationalization – File that will have all the messages of our system; it will be easier to translate you pages.
  • Default CSS file that will be imported as a library.
  • EJB 3 – Our DAOs and Façades will be @Stateless.
  • Generic DAO – A generic DAO that will have the CRUD actions to make our life easier.
  • JPA 2 – To map our classes in the DB
  • JAAS – To control the login and the user access to the pages.
  • MVC – I will use this pattern with small modifications.
  • Postgres as database, but I will show how to set up your app to MySQL also.

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