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A Story of Meetting a Clipper era programmer.

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It is my new journey to surabaya met with some old programmer in clipper era, it was amusing yet frightened me about what he build, amaze and scary at the same time, he build an enterprise system using some clipper and delphi and he not the kind of person that like to update to new tech or new concept in software development.

He was explain about how he build the system, from technical point and concept in his era and his English is not so good, at that time internet not are wide spread like now and software dev reference and materials are  not easily accessed. I amazed that he can build a big system with limited knowledge, and yes he know the consequences and what he do is bad way to develop software.

He told me that doesn’t have standard when build software from technical and concept, and yet he is a good old man i think. but it was a horror story for my technical point of view, imagine if you get task to maintain the software and of course there is no documentation LOL.


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May 8, 2015 at 10:18 am

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