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Instantly fall in love with the lyrics and the meaning of shalawat/hymn is so beautiful, heard it in sunday morning after the kulsub (sunday morning islam course), when the person performed the shalawat there is no background sound, so for me it was a heartwarming feeling, it really struck me with some spiritual sensation, it makes me calm yet feeling sad in the same time 🙂

you can download the audio (vocal only no, background sound) file and the lyrics, the shalawat performed by ustadz hadian, one of asatidz in al-ihya,insan-kamil bogor ( the place that i learn islam).

Audio and Lyrics Arab – indo


The al-Burda, also called Qasida (hymn) Burda, is an Arabic poem honouring the Prophet Muhammad. The name means ‘poem of the mantle’ or ‘of the cloak’.

It was written in the 11th century by Imam al-Busiri and forms part of a vast body of literature in praise of the Prophet that emerged from an Islamic culture where seeking knowledge of him was encouraged. Imam Al-Busiri both acknowledges this and the shortcomings of describing the Prophet in the poem itself.


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