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[Oracle] ORA-02292 : Mencari Table Constraints dengan Constraints Name

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mencoba mengupdate salah satu column pada row, tetapi terkena error seperti ini :

update auth_users set username = ‘’ where name = ‘’
Error report –
SQL Error: ORA-02292: integrity constraint (ADMIN.FK_2TUB76GCBJC6VCSO1FBE15L3P) violated – child record found
02292. 00000 – “integrity constraint (%s.%s) violated – child record found”
*Cause: attempted to delete a parent key value that had a foreign
*Action: delete dependencies first then parent or disable constraint.


maka kita dapat mencari tahu, constraints name itu milik table siapa (FK_2TUB76GCBJC6VCSO1FBE15L3P). gunakan syntax berikut :

select table_name from user_constraints where constraint_name=’FK_2TUB76GCBJC6VCSO1FBE15L3P’;


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