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If  you read this it means that you want to know about the author of this blog. So i will simply introduce my self 🙂

As one of many IT enthusiast in Indonesia, my focus is to learn about programming from technical and management perspective,  I do code in java,  especially Java web – Spring. I don`t have particular reason using java as my main programming language, simply because my first work forced me to use java to develop their system.

After struggling to learn java,  I notice that I like java, and java become my main programming language. But java is like another programming language, it is only tools to achieve a goal. A tools to develop/create computer application. I’m always interested how another programming languages work, so i`m not like a fan-boy who will attack you if you have different perspective 🙂

I describing myself as a simple yet a fun person, like to read novels, the alchemist by paulo coelho is my fav novel all the time. I’m a friendly person, sharing experiences and smart talk and brainstorming will always intriguing me.
I like to browsing through internet and find great/interesting article for increase my knowledge and self improvement (yes, i typical geek ). As a typical geek i like comedy and science fiction movie.

Mostly of this blog contents are  several notes that i think useful for my self (i hope it can be useful for others too 🙂 ), there are also link and snippet codes for reminding my self . With this blog I also hope that it can giving back what I have gained from community in the internet  🙂

cheers and happy coding 🙂


Written by snippetjournal

May 5, 2012 at 1:57 am

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